three minutes

I’ve set the timer: three minutes to write.
I’m working on a feature piece for a local parenting mag that focuses on choosing the right theater arts program. When I saw the theme for the upcoming issue (in August), I realized that there’s so much that goes into choosing the right program, but really, most parents don’t think of all the variables that can make or break the experience for their child.

Variables are numerous.
What are the goals of the director? Of the theater itself? What play has been selected for performance? Age-appropriate? good choice given the amount of time the kids have to prepare? How much singing? Choreography? What happens to the kids when they’re not on stage? What’s the age range of the kids involved?

So many variables that are important in making the right choice for your son or daughter.

And…….time is up.

Three minutes is not a long time at all, but I’ve already gone in a new direction with this piece b/c of these three minutes…

onward. I think I hear dinner calling….