A Mission, A Commitment, A Challenge

This, above all else, you must know first:

Like nearly every other moment in front of my computer, I have with me, just visible from my left, straining eye, my trusted cup of Starbucks coffee. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just a simple cup of their bold-on-tap in my wickedly green Starbucks thermos. A cup o’ Starbucks Joe makes the world go around a little better, if you know what I mean.

And so we begin.

I’ve spent a good part of the day hashing out my mission for this blog. At first, I thought it would be like so, so many other blogs out there: a mishmash of online diary writing and little else. But after I made my 2-year commitment with Blue Host to manage my site, I felt like it had to be something so much bigger, so much better. I decided to go with WordPress for my blogging software, simply because that’s what my friend Catherine uses, and I’ve seen her site grow leaps and bounds because of a few aesthetic changes that she has been able to make (not to mention her writing is fantastic).

And, of course, I got some books on blogging to help me better understand the terms. This site’s going to be under some heavy construction over the next month as I get many of the kinks worked out. No worries, though. My goal is to write a minimum of six times a week, beginning tonight.

And So It Begins. . . .

One thought on “A Mission, A Commitment, A Challenge

  1. What a trick! There was no “rest of this entry.”
    Thank you for the kind words.
    I’m really looking forward to helping you play with your blog, because, as always, I learn so much from you, too!!


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