Thursday Thirteen no. 1

Thirteen Things about rus vw

1….Wickedly green I choose for this first Thursday Thirteen here at
2. This is actually probably my seventh or eighth Thursday Thirteen, but up until now, I've been blog yo-yo-ing between blogger, typepad, and other blogging sites. I've been playing around with this now for a year, but I finally made the big leap and just joined BlueHost to make this a permanent thing.3. I love my job. The blend of teaching and writing is about as close to a perfect balance as I can get.

4. I just had a piece published in the June edition of Urbanite, which is a monthly mag here in Baltimore.

5. I'm always fascinated by the different reactions people give me for the pieces I publish. SK, a great, great friend and even greater writer/playwright, found things in that story I never even realized existed.

6. But they existed for him, and to me, that's the whole point of publishing your writing.

7. Last month, I bought a new car--the zippy little Dodge Caliber that I simply cannot get enough of.

8. It reminds me of my even zippier 3-cylinder turbo Sprint that I bought back in 1987. Now there was a fascinating little lawn mower on steroids.

9. I'm both excited and nervous about having my own web site. There is the pressure of publishing daily, but the obligations associated with writing for an audience will help me work toward my goal.

10. A-Ha! What is my goal, you wonder? To write and publish more than I teach. I'd like to have a book under contract each year, with 5-10 shorter pieces in print while working on each book.

11. Pipe dream? Nope. Not as long as I remember what will get me there: Persistence. Patience. Hard Work. A Whole Lotta Failin'. A Whole Lotta Love. :)

12. Surrounding yourself with writers is not a bad idea too. The whole ego thing works well in this scenario. Make it work for you.

13. Love life. Love this moment. It's the greatest one that you've ever experienced. . . .

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