It’s not Ann’s problem; it’s mine (and yours)

On my ride into school this morning, it dawned on me, and how foolish I now feel.

New book. Outrageous controversy. Book shoots to no. 1 on bestseller list. Mission accomplished.

I would imagine that a person like Ann Coulter who has the audacity to write such claims also has the guts to promote her book so shamelessly. The whole riff with Lauer (“Are you getting testy with me?”) was all in the plans to spark such a controversy and shoot her book to number one.

Still, the irony is this: Coulter blasts the 9/11 widows for riding the coattails of their husbands’ deaths to become millionaires and further their own agenda.

But look who’s riding those coattails now. Coulter is guilty of doing the very thing she blames the widows of doing. But her ride is even worse (given that you believe the widows are guilty of this in the first place, which I do not), for she is like a second-generation leech, feeding off of the tragedies of others with whom she has no direct relations.
And we, the consumers of such folly, are helping her laugh all the way to the bank if we buy her book.

Me? I’ll hop on the library wait list to read this one.

Can’t anybody sell a book these days without such trickery?

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