Bush Lands in Iraq: The Perfect Conspiracy?

Washingtonpost.com has just reported that President Bush just landed in Iraq to meet newly named Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and discuss the next steps in the troubled, three-year-old war.

So here’s where I’ll take this:

Troubled president makes a surprise visit in country where no. 1 terrorist has just been killed.

Troubled president and administration stage his assassination to further his agenda and swirl contempt for Iraq and re-energize an ever-worsening, patriotic-limp nation.

(hey, even the prez can take one for the team, right?)

We annhilate Iraq, control the oil, and save the republican party, bush’s legacy, and our economic slide.

Sounds too good to pass up, doesn’t it?

Ah, yes. If only I were a techno-thriller writer. I’d have the next best-seller indeed…

Still….not a bad topic for a working draft this summer. The story begins as the last shot is fired, and the president and his team lay motionless as the helicopter’s blades whirl circles of dust around not-so-dead corpses….

Yes…I can see this one materializing quickly…

2 thoughts on “Bush Lands in Iraq: The Perfect Conspiracy?

  1. And I can see the NSA monitoring your house phone, cell phone, this blog, your credit card usage, your library habits, your wife’s cell phone, shopping habits, internet use, etc.
    Boy, I’m glad I live in the Land of the Free and not Communist China!


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