T13, no. 2

Thirteen Things about rus vw on this first Thursday of Summer Vacation1….First and foremost, Happy Birthday to Janet over at fond of snape. She always has engaging posts...you'll spend hours at her site. Enjoy the day, Janet!
2. I think I am finally getting into a groove with summer vacation. It's taken us a full week to establish a new routine (Even BC is getting into a new nap schedule...).
3. HG leaves for camp on Sunday. She'll spend a week in the poconos with other gymnasts from around the world. She loves what she does (oh--and she does what she loves).
4. MP goes to the oral surgeon today for her final consultation before she gets her tooth pulled. We have been blessed with an incredibly personable pedia-dentist who has made a trip to see him a fun experience. My, my...how times have changed.
5. C-Loo has just finished her first cycle of chemo treatment in Tampa, about 1.5 hours from her home. She's having a terrible time of it...To whatever god you worship, please say a prayer or two.
6. This is her second bout with cancer. 15 years ago, she fought off lymphoma. Now she's fighting for her life. If the second cycle of treatment doesn't shrink the tumor, they'll amputate the leg almost immediately. Again, friends...Prayers to her and her family.
7. Speaking of her family, she's married to the greatest guy in the world. I can't imagine a more devoted spouse than Robster....He is an answered prayer in her life.
8. Mom is back in the hospital with heart problems, and they're seeing if the cancer's spread to her stomach...(is it too much to ask to save a prayer for her, please?).
9. Despite the tragedies and medical issues surrounding my family, we all embrace the same attitude: We love life, and we won't give any disease the opportunity to steal another moment from our lives. I couldn't be more blessed with such great people in my life.
10. My desk is almost clean! I've done a fairly good job of rediscovering my bookcases too....
11. Stage Two begins tonight: find the floor. :)
12. I'm thinking of painting the office purple and green....I can't seem to move on from these colors....
13. Love life. Love this moment. It's the greatest one that you've ever experienced. . . .
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One thought on “T13, no. 2

  1. First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about C-Loo and your Mom and hope that everything goes well for them.

    Wow, thank you SO much for putting me first AND saying all those nice things about me!

    And I love your #9 & #13 🙂

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and for visiting me yesterday 🙂


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