Century Training Begins

I just returned from the gym, and I’m now in full training mode for the Seagull Century, which runs on October 7. Here’s the sitch (God I love KimPossible…):

Light evening workout (2 miles) on the elliptical trainer. This happens after the kids go to bed, and can sometimes be as late as 10 p.m. Thank goodness the gym never closes!

Heavy workout in the morning (3 miles +) on the elliptical, and eventually a full weights workout, alternating upper and lower body routines every other day.

Total vegan diet. No dairy, no eggs, no meat. If it didn’t come from the ground, I’m not eating it.

I did this back in 1999, and I lost over 80 pounds and dropped my cholesterol 100 points. Greatest decision in my life to go vegan, and the worst decision to celebrate my near-perfect health with a cheese pizza. Everything went downhill from there until now.

I’m beat, but I keep thinking of the Century in 98 days, and I know this is what I must do to reach my goal.

It’s the least I can do for me, for my kids, and for my sister.

One thought on “Century Training Begins

  1. Wow. A lofty, but achievable, goal. I think the idea that you’re doing it for charity will help you stay motivated! Can’t wait to hear about your progress.


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