Refinements to

Over the past few days I’ve been refining some of the components to my blog; I hope you find them helpful.

The biggest addition is the publication and contest opportunity link that opens up a calendar of calls for submissions and contests where writers might be interested in submitting their work. You can find this link under a new column in my sidebar titled, “rusvw in-depth.”

I have also added a subscription service to my blog, so you can receive email alerts every time I post a new entry. Although this service will undoubtedly increase the flow of spam to my site, I think it’s worth it to offer this convenience to readers and writers who are too busy to click on myriad blogs, only to find there are no new updates. As much as I try to write every day, I know this is simply not a promise I can keep.

If you know of any publication opportunities or contests that you would like me to add to the calendar, please let me know.

Thanks, faithful readers!