T13, no. 3 follow up

Thanks to all for your responses regarding my Thursday Thirteen…

The one untruth in the list is….no. 10. It is something that i have always wanted to do, but alas, I have never left North America….

And…I did get away from the cop in hot pursuit! How lucky I was that night….Though the duck-crossing sign never made it home with us. We had to go back another late, late night with better “implements of destruction” as Arlo would tell of the tale…

2 comments on “T13, no. 3 follow up

  1. catherine says:

    Haha. Good one. I was going to vote for #2. The whole duck thing was too unbelievable.


  2. Carl V. says:

    I’ve never left the country either. I was born in Germany but too young to remember before we returned to the states. Someday….


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