T13, no. 3

Thirteen Things about Rus Ok, folks. TWELVE of these are true, which means that one is not. Can you guess which one of these 13 is NOT true about me? Good luck!

1. I was a vegan for 18 months, lost 80 pounds, and took 100 points off of my overall cholesterol level.2. I drove my Cutlass Supreme on the Ocean City boardwalk at 2 in the morning with a duck-crossing sign hanging out of my window as an OC police officer was right behind me in hot pursuit.3. I have section-hiked nearly 800 miles, or nearly one-third, of the Appalachian Trail.

4. All of my children's names are 7-5-13 when it comes to the number of letters in their first, middle, and last names; this was not done intentionally.

5. I have 2.5 gigs of music on my desktop mac, which is 2.5 times the total capacity of space on my mac powerbook.

6. Most people online mistake me for a female because of my name, my blog, and my belief in life and in love.

7. My music collection is mostly made up of James Taylor, William Ackerman, George Winston, and the Grateful Dead.

8. Besides writing, I express myself in watercolors, pottery, sketches, and now tie-dye.

9. I just bought a brand new 2007 Dodge Caliber, and it is quickly turning into my own little Hippie Microbus of the late '60's and '70's.

10. I have travelled to Germany, the Netherlands, and England tracing my family roots, only to come back to the states with more questions than answers about who I am and where I came from.

11. I am in the process of gathering evidence to prove that the Mayor of Baltimore in 1904 was murdered by his wife of 16 days, and that he did not commit suicide as is currently believed.

12. I shaved my beard off today for the first time in nearly a year because I am addicted to the products at lush.com (not to mention I wanted to get rid of the ghost-white hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.). At the time of this posting, nobody in my family has even noticed.

13. I once had a license from the Department of Natural Resources to capture and own creatures from the Chesapeake Bay for study. As a result, I experienced the thrill of saving a blue crab's life during an especially difficult molt.

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10 thoughts on “T13, no. 3

  1. I couldn’t begin to guess, but if 12 are true than you are truly one of the more interesting folks I’ve seen on the web yet. 😉


  2. wait. You’re not a woman? GET OUT!!!

    I was going to go with #2, but now that I know you’re a man…hmmm…I’ll have to go with #13!

    Re #12: I think humans grow so used to seeing something that they see past it! At least, that’s the explanation I had when I didn’t notice my boyfriend at the time had shaved his mustache LOL!

    Are you REALLY a guy?


    Lush? That’s SO cool!

    Thanks for visiting 🙂


  3. Hmm. Let me see…I think that #6 is true because that happens to me a lot as well. What is it about these female homo sapiens to think they’re the only ones able to feel such things? I also could see #13 as being true since those crabs can get pretty feisty when they molt. I’m not entirely sure which one to pick so I will just go with #2, but something tells me that’s not it either since it’s so ridiculous, it has to be true.

    You can visit my list if you want at The Zeus Excuse. Terrific list, and I hope to find out which one was not true soon!


  4. So far….no correct answer! It’s an even number, though…which is so unlike me, b/c I hate even numbers.
    and yes, Janet, I am truly a guy. 🙂


  5. This is a really good list, so I think I will have to do one just like it fairly soon! Unfortunately I got here too late to participate in guessing, but those are some really interesting facts about you; particularly that nobody has noticed your beard is gone. (Kinda like on Friends when Chandler got glasses and nobody noticed lol)


  6. Indeed! 10 is correct! Traveling the world is something i should have done before marriage and, of course, children. I know it’s not impossible now to do, but it sure is much more challenging to even step out and head to the grocery store sometimes!


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