A Busy Day Writing and Playing

I’m looking forward to the day.

My wife and older daughter are hitting the theater to see Pirates, and I’ll be at home with the younger two (ages 4 and 2). It’ll be fun to be goofy with them for a few hours without having to worry about the pre-teen-itude to come creeping in from our oldest….There’s nothing like getting down on the carpet, rolling up your sleeves, and playing some serious my-little-pony games. 🙂

Other than that, though, I’ve got two writing pieces that I am working on that I’ll have time to play around with. The first is part two of Exit Interview, which I began online here a few weeks ago. The second is my Nano book, which needs just one more scene written at the end. I always benefit from getting together with a local playwright. SK is so very inspiring, and I get the boost I need to take my stories to their next levels. We hooked up a few days ago at Panera Bread, and we talked mainly about his latest play that he is working on. His first play is opening in a small theater in NYC mid-August…It’s exciting to get published, especially when it’s live and on stage!
What are you doing today?

2 thoughts on “A Busy Day Writing and Playing

  1. Thanks for visiting and for the kind comments. I use Poser and Photoshop to create my images. My art is scattered amongst my art blog, Flickr, and my websites…Dani3D.com, FaeFolk.com, CatholicGraphics.com, PixelPaintedGraphics.com. All links can be found on my blog under “My Websites.”

    Hope you are able to accomplish your work plus have fun playing with your littles. *smile* Take care. Dani


  2. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing afternoon! Congrats to your friend and his play. I have a good friend who is in theatre in NYC and it can be a rough biz, hope his show does well.


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