What makes me happy?

I’ll tell you what makes me happy (Lush lovers, please pardon the steal of this happy, happy phrase):

Finding another small, small, nature-lovin’, happy hippy kind of home business that compliments Lush products, which i have fallen madly in love with over the past month or so.

Enter Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Never before have I found such a magic(k)al one-two punch in the world of feeling and smelling so, so good…. 🙂 BPAL uses essential oils to create the most exotic and often sensual blends, and they are completely vegan.
Let me back up here just a bit… Lately I’ve been realizing the powerful calming effect that certain scents can have on you, and I’ve added it to my growing list of helpful items that help me hold on to my center a little longer each day. It’s not an easy thing to do these days, and I’m finding greater peace in refining my selections of scents to work with my other practices of meditation and musical therapy.

Eventually, in perhaps the next 2-3 years, I will attend the Baltimore School of Massage and earn a degree as a therapist in deep tissue, myofascial, and Swedish massage. I am fascinated with the various ways in which the body responds favorably to the senses, and I am eager to learn how music, scents, and massage can be woven together for a transcending experience toward balance and inner peace.

So…what makes me happy? Lush, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, the right blend of music, and the transcending experience of total relaxation and peaceful meditation….

One thought on “What makes me happy?

  1. I swear…I just spent a good 1/2 hour on that website! I want to go there and smell EVERYTHING!

    It reminds me of the parfumerie my friend Michelle and I went to up in Newburyport MA (I wrote about it here: http://www.fondofsnape.com/archives/2006/07/snape_and_aphro.php)

    I adore the scent I created, it makes me just feel so good! And when I was getting my palm read the other day, the palm reader stopped cause she got a whiff of it and it distracted her cause she said it smelled so good LOL!

    Thanks for posting about this!


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