Clarity, healing comes through writing

just a quickie, here. I’m working on a piece right now for a new lit journal, and it’s about healing through writing. All my life, I’ve used writing to help me through tough or challenging situations, and even now, during this summer, I am thankful that I have turned to writing to help me get through such tough times that I and other members of my family have been going through.

And even more deeply, I’ve come to realize today that writing about healing is therapeutic in itself, and this metacognitive practice brings me closer to the center, closer to balance than any other activity I might do.

it is truly a healthy and spiritual act to write as often as I do, and I am grateful that putting words down on paper can be so good for me.

that’s it for now. Back to working on this piece. My deadline’s tomorrow (yikes!). I’ll post all 2000 words of it here when I am finished.

Love and peace to all!

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