T13, no. 5

Thirteen Things that Rus MUST do before school begins!

1. Make time to visit the ocean for a sunrise. When I was teaching in southern Maryland, I would spend the early morning before the first day teaching watching the sunrise, allowing the water to wash over my feet, feeling the sands come and go between my toes. It was an exhiliarating way to begin the school year, and I miss being on the water very, very much.
2. Take my guitar to a quiet hill and play. Just play. I am not a "good" player by any means, but there is something about making music in the outdoors that is magical. . . .3. Write a love poem, an ode, to something or to someone whom I have never written. I find it espeically important to find love under some stone that has yet to be turned. It's ideal, of course, to do this daily. But with such love celebrated on the eve of a new school year, I will be able to offer just a little more in those first few weeks.

4. Cut the lawn, weed the garden, plant a few new hardy flowers for the late summer, early autumn days ahead.

5. Create a new playlist for the new school year. What songs will mark the beginning of the 06-07 journey?

6. Buy new clothes that make me feel fantastic.

7. Enroll in a fall yoga class.

8. Go on a photo shoot at Loch Raven Reservoir before a storm unleashes its beautiful fury.

9. Write Chris, Trina, Bryan, and Theresa and re-establish some form of communication that is once again meaningful and central to my life.

10. Volunteer somewhere. Anywhere, for any cause. Maybe clearing trails with the Appalachian Trail Conference, maybe helping out at the library. maybe seeing how I can be of service at the Red Cross. Service. Anywhere.

11. Finish reading Wicked.

12. Finish writing Cold Rock.

13. (Deep breath): Clean my classroom, write my curricula for English 12, Adv. Photo, and Publications, re-read Cuckoo, send off final yearbook spreads, send out sr. supplement, reconfigure all 21 macs in the lab, rescue LCD and set up in room, attend countless meetings, set up teaching website, contact TCs around the state, send maryland voices to the printer, send RESPECT posters to the printer, prepare for in-service workshop coming up during first week of school, buy rest of school supplies. . . .. (exhale....and then continue on and on and on.....) 🙂
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3 thoughts on “T13, no. 5

  1. 1-5 & 8 sound fantastic to me! You’ll have to let us know what your playlist includes! I’m always interested to hear about peoples’ musical tastes.


  2. Let me clarify no. 8…as now when I read it, I think it can go in one of two directions…I love to shoot landscapes in the minutes before or seconds after a storm hits. I need to scan in some of my old b/w photos that I printed from ’92 when I came across a storm in Fryeburg, Maine. My goodness, was I lucky that day. Since then, I have obsessed with nature on the edge of magnificent moments….


  3. WOW! I’m exhausted just reading this! As a cat, the most strenuous things I do during the day are begging for treats (which is really quite the task) and finding the best spot in which to take my 8 daily naps!

    Good luck with this list! I came by way of Thu 13 and appreciate the good read! Thanks!


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