Going with the cleaner look…

Do you like the change?

I decided to go with a cleaner look that was easier to read and a tad more professional as I delve more deeply into making this a marketable place for my own writing and reputation as a writer.

Not to mention, I’m obsessed with autumn, and the header pic is more me than anything I’ve used before…

I keep saying it’s time for me to make the great plunge into writing as a full-time gig, and I’ve made many baby steps to get to this point. Consider this another step in that direction. . . .

I wanted to finish my healing piece tonight/this early morn (it’s 1:57 a.m. and I am still up with this nasty cold), but it’s on my laptop, and my laptop’s at school, and school’s 33 miles away, and that’s just too far to drive this early in the morning.

Speaking of colds…I was supposed to leave tomorrow to head to my sister’s place in Florida to be with her before she goes into the hospital for another round of chemo. I am devastated that I can’t be with her b/c of this cold, but if she gets sick b/c of me, then she doesn’t get the treatment, and then she misses her surgery to have the tumor removed.

It absolutely stinks. 😦

One more thing before I attempt to return to bed: I was doing some freewriting in my daybook this evening, pushing myself to write even when I thought I had nothing else to say, when suddenly, this great line came out of nowhere:

Stop writing from your illnesses and begin writing from your passions.

So simple, so true.

In the writing heals piece that I am doing, it is still, STILL about my illnesses and not about my passions. I’m going to preserve that draft, but I may do a discovery draft writing from my passions instead….If it doesn’t work, then I’ve done nothing but write more for a good 30 minutes or so–writing that I may use at another time. If it does work, then I think I may be on to something here.

I think that I want to write a romantic thriller….I’m not even sure what that genre includes. Would it be Frankenstein? Dracula? Wuthering Heights? And of Anne Rice’s books?

How would you define the genre of romantic thrillers?

5 thoughts on “Going with the cleaner look…

  1. Where’d you get that header pic from? Its fantastic! I too am obsessed with Autumn (Sept through Jan is really my favorite time of the year) and I’ve been aching for the change in temps lately. Like the new look alot. Very professional.

    I’d probably consider those books you mentioned romantic thrillers, or gothic romances of some sort. Dracula continues to be my favorite book of all time. I didn’t read it last Oct. but its on the list for this Oct. and I’m really looking forward to reading it again.


  2. I LOVE your new look! Very easy to read and the picture is fantastic; I’ll jump on the band wagon and confess my undying love for autumn 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about your sister…I hope the chemo is successful.

    Romantic thrillers might include the southern vampire series by Charlaine Harris…


  3. I am sorry to hear about your sister. I did not realize. I am a cancer suvivor so please tell her that she CAN KICK CANCER’S ASS!

    I love that quote above too. I read an amazing quote on the way to work today:

    “If you change your point of view, your perspecive is completely different” Jodui Piccoult, an autor I read a lot.

    Would the opposite be as true I wonder? If you change your perspective, woudl your point of view change? Not as much or as definitely I think.

    I too love fall (hate winter but love fall) Fleece and my Dansko clogs…..makes me smile!


  4. I was having much trouble with posting on your site early this morning (most likely my work computer) and wanted to also express my well wishes for your sister and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I’m really sorry you can’t be with her but you definitely made the right decision in regards to her health.


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