The Launch of a New Year

It has been a busy 96-plus hours, getting ready for the new school year. Now, at 10:47 p.m., I believe I can say that I am about as ready as I could be.

Well, except for ironing my clothes, collating my syllabi, copying two other documents that I didn’t have to print out, and then about a gazillion more things on my to-do list that sits in volumes to my left.

But there comes a time, you know, when you just have to say you’ve done the best you can, so there’s nothing to do now but let the minutes tick by as you wait for that inevitable first bell at 7:25 a.m.

I’ll take pictures tomorrow morning of my room and get them posted, I hope, tomorrow night. I plan on writing daily in the evenings as a sort of reflective run of posts as the new year begins…

To everybody out there who begins school tomorrow (or who has already begun school), Good luck to you, to your children, and may we all be blessed with a safe a healthy school year filled with wonderment and delight.

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