Great Post-Op News for Cindy

Greetings, all…

Thanks so much for all of your kind wishes and prayers. i am happy to report that Cindy is out of surgery and doing phenomenally well….Here’s the news straight from my brother-in-law:

“Cindy is now in recovery and things could not have gone better. The surgeons just met with me and they are confident that they successfully removed all of the cancer in her leg (though she will still have a few more months of chemo to ensure a stray cell or two did not spread). They stated that it was a very successful surgery.

“Cindy will undergo plastic surgery in a couple of days. She will need to have skin grafts to completely close the wound.

“Cindy will begin to walk in a couple of days. She will be in a knee immobilizer for several months and they are hoping she will eventually have a full range of motion in her knee, but it is not guaranteed. She will be walking with a walker for about three months, followed by a cane for another three months. With luck, she will be able to discard the cane after that. Cindy will always have a limp, but who cares? She will have two legs and no cancer. What could be better?

“Thank you to all of you who offered your prayers and positive thoughts to help us get to this point. We are absolutely convinced that you were a key ingredient in the success we will celebrate today, tonight and tomorrow.”

We couldn’t be happier here in Baltimore as well…

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