Elusive Mist

After dropping H off for gymnastics practice at 6:45 a.m., I headed north to find pastures blanketed in early morning mist. It was a very zen experience for me, as I was exercising great patience in waiting for the right shoot to present itself to me. There were several stops that i could have made, but I did not feel as if they were the shoots meant to be taken this morning.

Then, upon cresting a hill on Tufton Road, I saw this huge cloud still clinging to earth. It had not yet let go into the early morning and rise away into the day. I turned off of Tufton and went deeply into the mist, but I could not find the place that called me this morning. I know I was close. Very close. But indeed, the mist eluded me this morning.

This photo, and the others below, are the best that I could come up with. Time was against me on this shoot, as I should have been in the pastures around 6:30 or so to really capture the pre-dawn light sifting through the low-lying mist and find that one place where i was meant to be.Perhaps, though, this is where I was meant to be today, so that I may remember it well and return another autumn morning, where my own fog may lift long enough for me to find that elusive perfect shot.

Fun nevertheless!

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