Clean up! Clean up!

Today’s just one of those days…I’ve got my engine on, and I’ve been cleaning like crazy since I woke up about 25 minutes ago. There’s no school today, no inservices, no planned meetings. It’s like today’s the 366th day of the year, and I’m not going to throw it away and take it for granted.

First, there’s my basement/office/cat living quarters/laundry room that needs a good overhaul. I really didn’t take advantage of the time I had last summer to give it a good cleaning from top-to-bottom, but I think a solid two hours or so ought to put this place iin contention for a before-after contest…

Second, there’s the kitchen. This place needs a purging, first-rate and cut-throat. The beloved cereal boxes with exactly three ounces of Cheerios, Total, and Oat Flakes left in them must meet their fate in the bottom of a big black trash bag. The dozen or so salad dressings, all with less than a portion-size remaining in the bottom of their respective bottles, can go the way of the big black bag.

Finally, there’s the yard. Welcome to the cemetery for all things plastic and cheap. Little Tykes ought to consider this sacred land a historic burial site for its many characters who have fallen victim to the vicious blade of the push mower. I’ve got green tarps, black grill covers, bubble wands, disney cups, neon watering cans, three beep-beep cars, two scooters, and a multi-function plastic playset that eats half of my yard.


If I have the courage, I’ll take before-after shots. Otherwise, you’ll just have to trust me on this one that, by day’s end, I will be victorious as SuperCleaner! Able to anhiliate dirty rooms in a single cleaning!

er–i better get to work!

Have a good Monday, all!

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