T13, no. 8

Yikes! No fancy banner this morning, as I get back in the swing of blogging….I’ll add this to my list of things to do by…..next Thursday!

Here’s my list, nevertheless… 🙂

Thirteen things I have every reason to be happy.
1. My life, right?

2. My incredible family and kids. I cannot be with them enough these days.

3. My mom and my sister who continue to corner their cancers and dare to live fully every moment of every day.

4. This morning’s sunrise. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to arrive at school with the early morning’s innocent rays spilling across the crimson and amber trees that line the sports fields…Breathtaking, I tell you. Breathtaking.

5. Novel no. 3 is going well for me, and I have the motivation to get no. 2 in the mail before December arrives.

6. I discovered today that all of the Grateful Dead’s concert downloads and Dick’s Picks are on iTunes. My heart hurts for the record stores, but really–why do I need to go there anymore except for the experience of smelling the incense while roaming the rock and folk aisles?

7. My first-quarter grades are in. This should be nos. 7 through 11. 🙂

8. The recent elections in Maryland and across the country. The times, they are a’ changin’. . . .

9. Seinfeld, season 7, is released on November 21.

10. My micro-blogging community is THE BEST. 🙂
11. My students are wonderful. They feed me chocolate and pizza, especially on rainy days.
12. Tomorrow’s Friday already!
13. I am back online! Yippeeeee! 🙂

4 thoughts on “T13, no. 8

  1. Excellent list. I am so happy about #3 and as for #6 I think Janet and I can get together and send you some incense and pachouli oil for the holdays if you’d like 🙂


  2. I’m happy it’s Friday because today is the day we find out if my pup, Greta is pregnant! Since it’s a wanted pregnancy, we are hopeful she has buns in the oven!


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