Revisiting Nano

For the last 14 days (including today), I have been working on a novel for National Novel Writing Month (Nano) that is requiring too, too much of my time. It’s not that I don’t want to invest the time in to this story line, it’s the fact that it just cannot–nor it should not–be done in 30 days.

So. I am, on Day 14 here, tabling all of my work on The Pact and beginning anew with a stream of consciousness piece aptly titled, Seventeen Days in November.

This will be the ultimate of discovery drafts for me, and I’m not sure what I will end up sharing with my larger community, if any of it. I am committed to writing 50,000 words this month, though, so I may very well produce something worthy of posting here. . . .

Did I mention it’s good to be back?

I have one more major deadline to complete for a pub that’s going to press for release on Saturday, and then I’ll be free to post on a more-daily routine…I can’t wait to trip on over to all of your sites as well and see what y’all have been up to in the last few weeks.

Love to all, and in peace,

Good night. 🙂

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