A Merry Black Friday To You…

Are you already out there?

Have you been standing in the lines outside Best Buy, CompUSA, WalMart, or Target since 11 last night? Waiting to buy that plasma TV for $199? Or how about that laptop for $99? Hmmmmm????

And if you were out there, was it worth the wait?

I have to ask because I was not out there. I drove by the lines of people, jumping up and down to keep warm, and I followed the streaming spotlights that swirled in the late night Thanksgiving sky. But I did not stand in the lines. I just…well, I just couldn’t do it.

This is the first year that I’ve noticed Black Friday creeping into Thanksgiving day, and I feel like the sanctity of that one Thursday in November has been tread upon, dirtied even, in a market’s effort to steal you away and say, Hey, buying these tvs really is more important than being with family.

I don’t know. I feel like I’m being old-fashioned about this, maybe even a little nostalgic. But I remember Thanksgiving as that moratorium on all things commercial. It was the calm day before the big storm hit, but at least we could count on that peace; at least we could move from one family’s home to another with relative safety that the streets were free of crazy shoppers or consumers with motives other than finding that elusive jar of cranberry sauce still on the shelves at the one store still open in town for such emergencies.

About a block from my house, CompUSA opened its doors last night at 8 p.m. for its special 8-till-midnight sale, and it worries me that next year it might be 6 to midnight, or what if they offer free turkey dinner to the first 100 people who are in line by noon to celebrate their doors opening at 3? I can just hear the promo ad now:

That’s right! CompUSA’s got your best interests in mind! Now you can get the best of both worlds! Bring the whole family and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner–on Us! It’s our gift to you as you join us in celebrating our first-ever Thanksgiving Dinner Day Sale, where you get a meal and $250 off your choice of plasma tv! This Thanksgiving, you can pass the pumpkin pie in Aisle 3, where we’ve got the NFL Tripleheader playing in stereo surround sound. Don’t miss this opportunity to be our guest and celebrate this most special day of the year–in Hi-Def! CompUSA: the company that brings families together!

And you know what else? Who in the world really gives plasma screens for christmas? I would bet a good chunk of money that many of those tvs that were bought last night and this morning have already been ripped free from their boxes and are being installed in time to watch this weekend’s NFL matchups.

So I ask you: Does CompUSA and the others have your best interests in mind, or theirs?

Silly question, I know.

One quick other thing before I run to CompUSA (just kidding…): Last night, over the best turkey dinner I’ve had since last Thanksgiving (go figure), I confessed to my friends that I have never, ever seen a James Bond movie. And so, the familial celebration continues today, as the Fam and I go over to another Fam’s house. The kids’ll watch Cars while we watch Bond, and I cannot wait for the experience.

Yeah, the movie will be great. But being with friends on this anything-but-black Friday is what makes this holiday great.

Enjoy your Friday, all! And be safe out there! It’s not going to be pretty!

4 thoughts on “A Merry Black Friday To You…

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I am not about to get out in the madness today. I plan on lazily spending the day recovering from my one session of exercise per year, the family football game…I can barely move right now!
    Tonight when my daughter and cousin are at a youth event Mary and I plan on getting something to go from Applebee’s or Outback and sitting down and watching Love Actually…great romantic film.

    This new Bond film will probably ruin all others for you since so many of the others are much more tongue in cheek. If you choose to watch more after this I would recommend starting with the Sean Connery ones. Hope you enjoy it. I’m taking my wife and friends to see it tomorrow night since I enjoyed it so much.


  2. I could not agree more. I am not going anywhere near the stores today. My husband and I slept late, had a breakfast of pancakes and have spent the day being lazy. Commercialism IS NOT worth it to me. Maybe its because I hate crowds – whatever. We are not having turkey leftovers today instead we are having pizza and going to see The Departed. We will resume with Thanksgiving leftovers tomorrow.

    I have pared down my shopping for this year and am hoping to enjoy doing most of it online. Am I a scroodge? Naw, I just want to enjoy today before I think about the next holiday. Our tree will get put up 12/2 or 12/9 any earlier and it dies anyhow.

    If I WAS going to wait in those nutty lines you better believe the plasma TV would be for me!


  3. This year’s holiday was a restful one all around. Restful, and productive. I spent the holiday with my dog, watching Season 6 Soprano’s. Nice and quiet! I woke up at 5:45am to run over to Staples to pick up a flat panel monitor. I figured, “who would be lined up at Staples?” So, Baron and I jumped in the car and headed over to Towson only to find a line all the way down the curb. “Oh well.” But, before giving up completely I decided to head over to the Staples at the Senator. No line. Walked right in. Picked up my monitor and went home. This was my first year with the early Black Friday rush. I mean, a 19″ widscreen, flat panel monitor on sale for $129. I had a $100 Staples gift card from doing online surveys, so all in all it was worth the 5:45am experience. I got my monitor for $30. I mean, my holidays get less and less booked up as years pass, so spending the day with the Soprano family, and getting up early to jump on a bargain – well, both sounded sweet to me! Happy days.


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