Jury Duty?

In about three hours, I will be placing a call to our local Jury Duty Hotline, where I will learn my fate to see if my number–that’s number 625, to be precise–falls within the group of numbers selected for duty tomorrow morning.

Mixed emotions on this one.

The teacher in me doesn’t want to leave my kids for a full day (or more). Writing sub plans is a chore, and I really feel like I’m in a good groove with my classes. I don’t like rocking routines that are still in their youthful stride.

The writer in me is ready to deal with the devil to get selected for a juicy trial. The experiences I will gain are virtually limitless: the potential jurors, the interactions with the lawyers in the selection phase, the actual trial, seeing the defendant, working on a verdict with the other jurors, the reactions in the courtroom when the verdict is revealed….Even if I have to sit in the “pool” room all day and not be selected, that experience itself will be worthwhile….

The Nano writer in me craves and curses the opportunity. If I get called in, but not to serve, then there’s tons of time to finish my book (a little less than 7K to go). If I get called in and put on a trial, then my chances of finishing are diminished significantly (unless I do a super-write tonight and git-r-done that way).

I’m up for it, whatever happens. I know most people shudder when their number comes up (not That number, the jury one), but I see this as great material for writing…

I’ll know by 4:31 either way!