Voir Dud


Ok. It was an experience. I’ll give it that much.

But to sit in a room for 8 hours without a single jury pool being called for selection?

A major disappointment today as there was complete inaction on behalf of the need for jurors for upcoming trials.

Here’s to a better Friday, all!

3 thoughts on “Voir Dud

  1. I keep getting called for duty and then not called, if you know what I mean. Come on boys in the jury pool dept. They say until I actually serve they can keep calling me like this. Every six months seems a bit excessive to me.


  2. Sorry…I haven’t experienced jury duty yet but have heard all the horror stories…or boring stories…from my wife.

    I like the new theme…the color is very 50’s retro green and fits well with the season.


  3. So are you done? No going back? That’s good, I guess, at least you’re not gone from teaching for too long! What part are you up to in the Half-Blood Prince?

    I like your new look! Like Carl said, it’s very retro 🙂


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