From Daily Om: Standing Still Leads to Wisdom

I am absolutely in love with Daily Om. This blurb below is from my daily horoscope (Pisces), but it is relevant to my recent posts and the posts of others around the blogging world as we reflect on ’06 and look toward ’07. If you are already a member of Daily Om or are planning on joining, my user name is peacespring.

We can hone our level of awareness by actively listening to, and then heeding, the intuitive messages we receive from our inner selves. Hearing this wisdom from within can be difficult as there are many forces vying for our attention in the modern world. Yet the time we spend learning to nurture stillness in our souls is indeed time well-spent because it is from this quiet font that all of our innate understanding flows forth.

As we gain a greater comprehension of the meaning underpinning our feelings, we are able to utilize our initial emotional responses to aid us in the decision-making process. We need never second-guess ourselves or doubt our knowledge of self as we have trained ourselves well. You will grow more conscious today as you search inside of yourself for the wisdom you need to prosper in your inner- and outer-world affairs.