Therapy Triage: Baltimore in Crisis


Well, the unthinkable happened, and after a week of sobbing over the loss of the Colts over two decades ago and vowing revenge once and for all, we lost the game.

This city, my friends, will be in need of deep psychological assistance in the coming days, months, and even years.

Heck, it might even be another two decades before we get some closure on this situation.

Hey, it was a good game, we got beat, and it’s over. My goodness, fellow Baltimoreans, please tell me that we can all move on with our lives now that this game is over.


Therapists with any background in PTCD (post-traumatic Colts disorder) need not bother with any application process. Just get here. And quick. you are guaranteed to make a ton of money off of us as we try to grasp how such a devastating thing could happen….

One thought on “Therapy Triage: Baltimore in Crisis

  1. Not sure if I would qualify it as a ‘good game’. All field goals and the Ravens didn’t show up at all on offense. They were quite inept. Thankfully the defense stood strong and looked good in keeping the Colts out of the end zone. All in all I was thankful that it was the first of the 4 games as it wasn’t the best beginning. For all the drama with the Colts returning it seemed more like a pre-season game. Still, you have my sympathies. Our pathetic Chiefs may have scored more points that the Ravens but our offense looked much, much worse doing it!


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