15 on the Fives, no. 9


It’s just about 5 a.m. My time stamp is off by an hour. Is it really worth changing if we’re going to be hit with an early Daylight Savings Time switch anyway?
I haven’t read anything about the changing of DST dates or the reasons behind it, but I can only assume that it will save the world, right? I mean, can’t I trust that there is a genuine reason for the micro-Y2K, the sequel scare that is running rampant through IT teams around the country (world? I have no idea).

We had a snow day yesterday. Three inches of snow shut down the school systems around the state. I understand. I get it. I mean, the roads were pretty bad, and there were enough accidents (one was fatal) that drove home the point that we have to be careful out there.

Not that it is any kind of trade-off for safety, but having four snow days in our school system means having four extra days of school at the end of the year, pushing final exams into the third week of June. Once again, I would never trade safety for convenience. It just means that the end of this school year and the beginning of the summer courses I teach at our local university are now only days (hours?) apart.

I know, I know. Get over it. I’m gettin’ there.

The snow day was productive. I worked pretty steadily on getting Cold Rock for publication. I finished the book’s fourth edit, and now I need to put it through one more read-thru to make sure my last round of edits don’t contradict with any other aspect of the story. I’ll wrap up that read-thru before the end of the month, which means I’ll be able to spend my spring break focusing entirely on the layout/design of the book. It’s a changing of creative hats that is very exciting for me. I love–LOVE–the fact that I am managing all aspects of this project, and I am grateful for gaining the experiences over the years to allow me to do this.

As wonderful as my day might have been yesterday, my oldest daughter wishes she could say the same. She became the latest victim to this nasty 24-hour vomiting virus that’s working its way around her gym, and she spent the entire day being sick nearly every hour from 6 in the morning until 6 at night. By the time it had worked its way out of her system, she looked as if she had been through absolute hell. No surprise there, though, because that’s exactly what her day was. My wife and I tag-teamed in caring for her, and at one point I had a flashback to when I was 22, and very sick from being drunk, and how my friends saw me through the entire ordeal. With the whole theme of letting go in my head this week, it’s not a surprise that these reminders of when people stuck with me through tough times are emerging.

What’s even greater is that these people (well, some of them at least), are still there for me today. I’ve put them through hell these past 20 years, and they deserve to hear how grateful I am for their loyalty.

And they will hear it today.

To wrap up this ramble, let me just say this: Kick-Ass Episode of Lost Last Night.


Without a doubt.

Enjoy your days, Friends. I’ll be around your side of the world soon enough to say Hi….

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  1. Maybe DST will save the cheerleader 😉

    You know…I thought Lost was LAME last night! I mean, c’mon, how could Locke NOT KNOW something bad would happen if he entered 77? I was saying to myself…NO DON’T DO IT, DON’T DO IT!!!


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