What Frustrates Me About Lost

I’m not going to lie. I’m hooked on nearly every aspect of the TV show Lost, and I trust the directors/writers that there are real reasons behind the motivations of many of the characters’ actions, even if they are not apparent to us.

Take Locke’s decision last Wednesday to key in 77, as instructed by the Dharma dude after Locke indicated the Hostiles had infiltrated the communications center. His curiosity and constant belief that all things happen for a reason, and that he is meant to be on the island, and that he is therefore meant to “push that button” when told to do so is simply a part of his character, and it makes him do those things that have a way of moving the plot in suddenly-different directions.

I got that. No problem. As K-Man mentioned to me yesterday, that’s just Locke, and maybe this character trait will ultimately save them in the end of all this.

What frustrates me about Lost, then, puts all that drama in danger, which is probably why it will continue to frustrate me, simply because correcting this one thing would stop John from entering 77 (and doing other dramatic things…).

So this is it. Why in the world don’t these people ever talk to each other about what they find, what they discover?

If Sayed came back from the underground and simply told Locke that the C-4 explosives were laced among the walls, and if Locke would have simply told Sayed that, by playing (and winning) a game of chess, he gained access to an interactive program with Dharma, wouldn’t they have had enough sense to at least discuss the possible consequences of pushing that button?

Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Charlie, Sayed, John….They all are so stubborn in communicating anything to anyone that they keep putting themselves in these horrible situations. Sure, they make great drama, but it just seems like the most unrealistic, TV-ized part of the show, and it frustrates the heck out of me.

Hurley is the only one who is quick to share….at least in more situations than the others. When he doesn’t share, it seems like it’s a direct effect of the reactions he’s received in the past when he has attempted to share information (even last week’s episode demonstrated this when he tried to share with everyone about the Love Bus that he found….Why in the world didn’t they all go running into the woods to see the car???)

Happy Friday to all….Enjoy the weekend!