spam, changes & challenges

so I’m relaxing about this whole blog thing.

Mom’s hanging in there. She is doing the best she can with all things considered. I will go into more detail in another post…

I realized this morning that I just need to relax. Not worry about the eloquence of my posts and just use my blog as a daily communication right now.

Spam sucks. My highest number of spams on WordPress in one day towered over 250. In one day! Thank goodness for the wonders of Akismet! Y’all can post comments again. I’m sorry that I blocked you before, but I thought it would make a difference with the spam. it did….but only in such a way that the spammers seemed delightfully pissed by my first action, and so they countered that action with one of their own. Somehow, they quadrupled their spamming operation, and it just became too much to bear. Like I said, with the discovery of Akismet, I’m back in business, baby!

We’re moving, too. That’s a big thing. The house (yep. I can touch all four exterior walls and run and play in the back yard if I so choose) is absolutely wonderful in the middle of an ideal community for our children. So…that’s taking a lot of my time.
But so what.

I’ve learned, I’ve taught, I’ve begged others to see that writing daily is necessary for countless reasons. And yet, I have not practiced what I have preached.

So be it. Let the crap factory reopen as I publish whatever I damn well wish to publish on my blog….just as long as I agree to do it candidly and daily….

Love to all, as always.


2 thoughts on “spam, changes & challenges

  1. Sometimes the “crap” that we write turns out to be the most insightful because we are not worried about all the eloquence. Congrats on the house and prayers to you and mom.


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