Friday Fill-In no. 1

Well, Janet’s the inspiration once again! Thanks to her, I’m motivated to play along…After reading my list, be sure to visit her site as well and drop a good word or two!

1. My favorite thing in an Easter basket is…definitely chocolate over jelly beans. The best non-chocolate thing I’ve ever received has been a new fishing rod…What a thrill to go fishing with my dad later that morning!

2. Easter means…the official beginning of spring, although that will be hard to imagine this year with it snowing before and during the sunrise service…

3. The best parts of the chocolate Easter bunny are….the ears! It’s usually the most solid piece, and there’s nothing like taking that first bite!

4. My memories of Easter as a child include…going to church with my mom and coming home to an Easter Egg Hunt designed by dad….Great memories!

5. The jelly beans that I eat first are…definitely the red ones, then the orange ones. I cocktail the others to make some interesting combinations….

6. I like PAPER grass in my basket, but when we have our heads on straight, we actually plant grass seed in the baskets so that by the time Easter rolls around, they’ve got baskets filled with bright green grass…

7. On Easter, I’ll be…with my family for church, egg hunts, a big breakfast, and a trip to see Mom to bring her some Easter flowers and tons of love…

Your turn!

2 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In no. 1

  1. wow, i never planted grass in an Easter basket…maybe cause living in MA it wouldn’t sprout lol! Thanks for playing Rus, and I hope you had a great Easter!


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