Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, all!

This weekend, I’ve got a mix of pleasures on my plate, but the one thing I’m looking most forward to is spending a little more time with the intricacies of my blog. For some reason, I’ve lost the ability to add images to my entries, so I have to send candy and roses to the Flckr goddesses and see what I can do to patch up our relationship. I think our break-up was just a big misunderstanding last year. But hey, I’m ready to take that first big step and offer my apologies for me being a part of the problem.

If they accept the offering of gifts and apologetic words, you will be the recipients of their kindness, as I will jazz up my next post with pretty, pretty pictures….


Enjoy your Friday, all! What will you be doing to bring a little pleasure to your days ahead?

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Celebrating my daughter’s 15th birthday today. Will probably take her to do some driving this weekend if she passes her Learner’s Permit. Will be doing some reading, for sure, and some movie watching. Have a great weekend!!!


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