Hunting Down Wasckly Wabbits…

My goodness, I do believe there is hope yet.

Beyond my wildest imagination, I witnessed something today that I thought could never happen again–especially in my own back yard (figuratively speaking, of course). But there they were, all three of them, laughing their heads off as if they were in hour three of the mega-Disney Marathon indoctrination.

Was it KimPossible? maybe Hannah Montana? or even a little Suite Life of Zack and Cody?


It was a little bit of Bugs and Daffy and Elmer Fudd, doing the same thing they’ve been doing for over 60 years now.

Was it politically correct? Hardly. Was it ridiculously simple and repetitive? You bet. But it was also funny as anything, and my kids–the junkies for all things hot pink and green, joined me in being vewy, vewy quiet (except when we laughed knee-slap happy) as Bugs and Daffy duked it out.

I have always feared that someday I would lose my ability to find such things humorous, yet here I am, a full-blown 42-year old, laughing right next to them as if I were still 10 years old myself, longing for more episodes….

So here we go. If you know of any bugs/daffy links on the web, please feel free to pass them along. I’ve got several favorites (“An aardvark? No….I’m not an aardvark! I’m a…a, um., well, let’s see just what the heck it is that I am. . . .), although I love all of them!
Thanks, all!

2 thoughts on “Hunting Down Wasckly Wabbits…

  1. I really miss all those great Bugs Bunny and friends cartoons. They don’t show them as much as they used to and they hold up marvelously today.

    I hope I never lose the ability to enjoy that kind of humor…really, what would be the point of being alive, then? 😉


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