T13 no. 9

Thirteen Things that are on RUS' mind. . . .

1. Why do my Starbucks cups leak whenever I am wearing a white shirt?
2. Why does this seem to happen early in the morning, when I'm on my way to school, and I don't have any possibility whatsoever of changing my shirt?

3.  It would make so much more sense to just get my coffee at school, or at least not attempt to drink it until I'm in my classroom.

4.  But what fun would that be???

5. I miss my seniors who have just graduated. I really hope they are being as safe as they can be during senior week.

6. I saw the first draft of the cover for my book the other day, and it was absolutely thrilling. My book. My cover. My characters coming alive from an artist's interpretation of what she saw when she read the book. Too, too exciting.

7. I"m looking forward to spending a lot of time early in the summer getting the book ready for its November launch. I don't want any last-minute surprises or disappointments. This is one of those "big moments" that I want to make sure it goes just as I have planned it.

8.  I am scared, though, of the reaction it might receive. I've played around with placing an author's statement at the beginning of the book to explain my position on some things. A little voice inside my head tells me to not go there, though. Let people just read the book, and don't intrude on their experience.

9.  I've started working on my next story, not to mention a few other shorter works that are for a slightly younger audience. I don't know....There's just something about finding a rock in your yard that has a cryptic note painted on it. There's a real story there, for sure.

10. I'm going to enjoy visiting the other Thursday Thirteens today. When I went back into my archives to check the last time I did this, I was shocked that it was in November of 2006!

11. Playlist write now? One Love, by Bob Marley, Demo of While My Guitar Genly Weeps by George Harrison.

12. If you haven't checked out LOVE by the Beatles yet, please do it very soon. It is mind-blowing.

13. Speaking of mind-blowing, go here and check out the new computer coffee table. Beyond mind blowing!!!

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3 thoughts on “T13 no. 9

  1. two words: Tide Stick! It totally works!

    OMG you’re going to be published, how exciting!!!

    I love the freudian slip typo in #11

    And I’m going to see Love in Las Vegas on 6/22…can’t WAIT!


  2. Forget the tide stain stick (although they are great) and get a reuseable starbucks travel mug) – no leaking and the other teachers will think you are cool….ok well maybe not!

    About being published – take a moment step back and forget about how it will be recieved and listen to the little voice inside you. YOU WILL BE PUBLISHED. This alone is a HUGE personal accomplishment – can’t wait to read it.


  3. Don’t worry about the author’s statement…I agree that reader’s should just experience the book. You could always do a post here or have a separate author website with more of this information should someone desire it AFTER reading your book and forming their own opinions. Congrats, by the way!


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