Say It’s Only a Paper Moon…

Indeed. . . .What a great weekend.

Friday night, we kicked things off at the Paper Moon Diner, which is like no other restaurant in Baltimore (or anywhere else I’ve been, for that matter).

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Things got a little pricey when we started adding on fries and drinks, as is the case anywhere else, but the food was five-star all the way. Even my 2-year-old ate his homemade mac and cheese (and I mean homemade. No pasta-in-a-box here).

Then, on Saturday, we spend the day day-tripping in Fells Point, something I have never done (and, as a Balti-moron, I feel pretty bad about that).

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Beautiful day to do it, too. We could have walked all day (especially with The Boy in the stroller).  It’s like a small-town Annapolis–lots of eclectic shops with the sporadic chain store or restaurant for the tourists who are afraid to try the world’s best croissants at Bon-Aparte, or the best pizza at Brick Oven Pizza. Kids loved it. We loved it. We’ll be back.

Then, today, we enjoyed the unbelievably perfect weather outside, as we worked relentlessly on the yard, digging out the underbrush that’s been choking the boxwoods and the azaleas for at least five years. They leaned in, as best they could, to offer their hugs for the freedom we’ve given them. Makes me want to write a mushy book about the whole damned thing….

But now it’s time to get back to work and plot out my week ahead. Much to do, much to do…..

Hope your weekend was nice, too!

5 thoughts on “Say It’s Only a Paper Moon…

  1. What a wonderful weekend! We spent most of ours indoors due to rain, but it was still very restful. Die Hard 4 on Saturday followed by great steaks. A day of reading on Sunday. Too bad its Monday, but thankfully we have Wednesday off due to Independence Day!


  2. Hello There, I don’t know if you remember me but I see you are still in touch with Carl V. (Hi Carl V.) Last year you responded to a beautiful post that Carl did in memory of my daughter, Jennifer (JennSee). Check out what he did this year but start at the fish. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.


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