rus uncut, no. 4

It is now 2207.

Now, THAT was a good ride. I put in the first set of the 4/30/77 show at the Palladium, and up they go just like that with a more-than-memorable performance of Music Never Stopped. Beautiful stuff. Then it is on to Bertha, then It’s All Over Now, and I ended my brief ride with the windows down with a good Deal.

It dawned on me while I was riding that I might have come across a little smug in uncut no. 3, when I was talking about my students, and how they’re going to need me to send them constant reminders to stay the straight and narrow to avoid the other straight and narrow (if you get me). I already revised it, but the point is this: they need to be armed, and they need to be ready to fight the good, hard battle.

We’ve all heard the story, haven’t we? When the victim, or the prey, begins to get a little wise to the ways, the predator gets desperate, nervous, offensive. We who have gone through this four-week experience know how desperate others may become, as such strength is often perceived as a threat to the status quo.

So, please, Gentle Reader, accept my apologies for that shortcoming in my previous post. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Nearing 2216. The music never stops, but my energy slows a bit, and I will say goodnight for now. May the evening bring all of you cool comfort and happy mornings. . .

as always…………………………………rvw

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