Teaching on the brain

mens sana in corpore sano. . . .

It hasn’t even been a week since my summer teaching stint ended, and already I’m thinking about the upcoming school year.

Last Friday, I was exhausted, feeling burned out, desperately needing a break. Is it possible that one week’s time is all that I needed to recuperate?

Ugh. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. I’ve been working out every day and sticking to a lean, vegetarian diet since the end of the summer semester, so maybe I’m just thinking a little more clearly about things.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. . . .

Maybe that’s what it is. I’ve been thinking so clearly about things lately, and I’m only beginning to establish a solid workout routine. I’ve still got a month to go before school begins. All I can imagine is how I might feel then.

I know I’ll feel pretty awesome if I can fit back into some of these clothes that have been hanging around in my closet for a few years….

So, it’s off to the gym this morning, then some more writing, then family time, then who knows in the evening. Maybe by the end of this weekend I will have devised my year’s curriculum for English 11 Honors.

Oh, puh-lease. maybe I’ll start practicing meditation and just hold off for another week, at least. I’ve been reading Scott Smith’s A Simple Plan, which is such a good read simply because it majors in the basics of good storytelling: plot, characters, conflict. Maybe I’ll just focus on finishing that book this weekend and push aside the curriculum design for at least a few more days.

Eventually, though, I’m going to have to give in. And when I do, I’ll be glad that I had the discipline to take the extra few days for myself. I’m getting so much out of this little self-pampering party I’m throwing right now.


Oh–the new look? It’s because this design supports widgets, and that’s what I’m used to in my very limited knowledge of blog design. I’ll keep playing around with it in the coming weeks to get it to a place where I’m happy how it looks for the “busy season” ahead. . . .

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