Ukazoo’s a Local Winner

For many years, those of us living in the Towson area have wondered why we don’t have a decent used book dealer to frequent. Heck, we haven’t even had an indecent one to shun. It’s a void that has existed for a long, long time.

Until now.

Just a few weeks ago, Ukazoo, a one-of-a-kind used and new bookstore, opened just a mile or so down the road (but not over the train tracks) in a warehouse-size building that can’t seem to keep a long-term tenant. Many years ago it was the home of Baltimore Coffee and Tea, and most recently it was a Storehouse Furniture shop. Now it’s a Ukazoo, and I hope it sticks around for at least as long as the coffee and furniture shops were there combined.

This is a full-sized bookstore, folks, that rivals the book quantities and inventories of Borders or Barnes and Noble. Here’s the difference: all children’s books are $2.98, all paperbacks are $2.98, and all hardcovers are $6.98. (Read the original review that ran in The Examiner here.)
These books are in great condition, and many of the hardcovers have dustjackets with minimal wear and tear. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars shopping for older books on eBay, never really sure of what I would receive in the mail. At Ukazoo, you’re going to pay much less for the book and avoid shipping charges. You’re in control of what you decide to buy, and if it’s not on the shelf, the more-than-friendly staff members will be more than happy to search for the book that’s eluding you.

Ukazoo is located in the Dulaney Valley Shopping Center, right next to Record and Tape Traders (a great place to pick up new and used CDs, all in one trip). They’re in the back strip of stores, just behind the Starbucks and Smoothie King (talk about your one-stop artfest celebration….).

For non-locals, I’m afraid Ukazoo’s a unique book store. But if you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by for an hour or so to get great copies of the books you want to read, at a fraction of the cost anywhere else!

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