Good Times at Six Flags America

We spent the day yesterday at Six Flags America, which is remarkably close to our home in Baltimore (about a 45-minute drive. My oldest daughter, HG, wanted to celebrate her birthday (rather belatedly) at the park with one of her best friends, AJ (HG’s on the left).

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We would never think to leave our younger two kids, MP and BC, behind, so they joined us as well for the fun.

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HG and AJ were daredevils the whole day, with every roller coaster–no matter how ridiculously daredevilish each was–on their definite to-do list. The first major roller coaster they rode was the Wild One, built originally in 1917 (which I don’t understand completely, as I doubt seriously that this park even existed 20 years ago, let alone 90).

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(They’re somewhere in this picture…I am nearly sure of it).

Unfortunately, most of the roller coasters were down for maintenance at different times during the day (some during the entire day!), so the older girls were a little more than disappointed that their master to-do list would go unfulfilled by the end of the day. 😦

MP and BC enjoyed the lighter side of the park as well.

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It was an awesome trip! They had a place called Hurricane Harbor that was a huge water park….we could have spent the entire day there. In fact, we’re seriously considering getting season passes to the park for next year. I could see us easily going at least once a week to enjoy the water park alone…That way, as well, we’d be there frequently enough to catch the roller coasters when they *were* running, as opposed to taking a shot in the dark on some random day that, magically, everything will be running as it should be.

We had a phenomenal time…but boy am I beat this morning!

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