rus uncut, no. 7

good things, abound.

First, Carl V and I (and our blogs) were quoted in today’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer about our memorials to JennSee. You can read the article here. I have much more to write about this in the days to come. (you know, all that deep philosophic stuff that I like to pour out onto the page).
Second, school’s started, both at the high school and at the University, and both for my daughters (beginning middle school and kindergarten). That’s four school openings in three days. Next week? three back to school nights. In the words of James Taylor….”Sleep come free me….”


Third, goofygirl is doing a major overhaul on my blog, and I am crazy ecstatic with the changes she has made. I can’t wait till the new look goes live!

Fourth, The Orioles recently offered and secured a new contract with our manager-in-transition. They wanted to reward him for the great job he’s done since taking over mid-year. He responded with his team giving up 30 runs that night, and they haven’t won since (seven games? eight?). Tonight, they were winning 6-3 in the 8th inning, and then they decided that it would be a good thing to give up 11 runs. We suck.

Fifth, er–better stop here. Have much planning to do before tomorrow’s classes!

‘night, all!

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