Back in Mac

First, my kudos to Carl for his incredible R.I.P. Challenge that concluded this week. I am deeply sorry that I did not participate more by posting about the readings. Carl, you got me reading nonetheless, and I thank you for that. Keep up the great work, Friend. You inspire many.

Second, I’m done committing myself to any Challenges online for awhile. I keep trying to do these things, and I keep falling way, way short.

Third, as if this seems foolish to write after I just said no more challenges, I’ve begun my third annual NanoWriMo challenge, which is to write a book during the month of November. Believe it or not, I was successful in my previous two attempts (and the first year’s fruit, Journey to Cold Rock, will be released in March 2008–pushed back a little because of some last-minute necessary revisions). I had planned on writing a serious, deep novel about a person who learns he has a gift to heal, but I opted for the much less serious, more superficial book that spins off of High School Musical and is aptly called, High School Yearbook. I’ll post excerpts here whenever I get excited enough about a particular passage or chapter. So…stay tuned!

Fourth, I’m Back on my Mac! It’s old, it’s taped together, but it WORKS, and now that I figured how to be a little creative with Comcast, I should be back online more regularly. . .

Fifth, more meaningful stuff to come later tonight/tomorrow. Just had to share the good news that I’m finally back with a computer in front of me! WooHoo!!!!!

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