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Let’s get a little intimate here, shall we?

I don’t mean that other kind of intimate. I’m talking about the honesty, the candid words, the pull-up-a-chair-and-let’s-chat kind of intimate. I’m there now. That place. That zone. That wonderful core within me that makes it so easy to just let go a little. Share. Be.Things are going well. I weigh in again this Friday, and I hope to add another 2 or 3 pounds to my 10 that I’ve lost to date since I started this vegan journey three weeks ago. It’s not hard anymore, though it was never really hard in the beginning either.

I think you have to have that decision made in your heart before your head can jump in and keep you on the straight and narrow. Without the love for yourself and for the ones you love, I think it’s pretty hard to do much of anything that’s going to be sustaining and worthwhile. The trick, then, is to stay there. In the core. Keep that center and know when you are drifting, then do whatever you have to to get back.

I’m walking a lot now (well, in comparison to the really sedentary life I was living). This pedometer I got for Christmas—this little digital thing that clips to my belt each morning—has motivated me more than any of those other things that were supposed to do the trick (you know, you look at your kids and do the whole be-there thing when they get into high school and college. For me, though, it just didn’t work like that.). I started out at 2,000 steps a day, and now I’m up to 10,000-12,000 a day with little effort. I walk everywhere. Run my own errands. Take the long way when possible. It’s all adding up. And as long as the pounds keep coming off (slowly but steadily), I’m going to be in great shape come summertime.

So what should we expect here at rusvwnet in the coming days? Well, I’ve been doing a ton of writing, and I guess I’ll share some of that with you here. More importantly, though, I need to use this blog to write for an audience on a daily basis. Please, don’t feel the need to leave comments unless you are so moved to share your thoughts. I feel closer than ever of reaching my goal of writing full-time. I figure that this should be happening by the summer of 2010, where I will be able to shift gears fully from teaching to writing. That’s not going to come easily, though, and so I’ve got to use this blog in all ways possible to get there. The daily post is most important, though.My apologies in advance for what may very well be seemingly meaningless dribble. Sift through the tripe and settle in a little more closely with the words that move you.

Finally, there’s this: I appreciate all of you immensely. I never asked you to keep coming back, but yet you still do, and for this I am ever-grateful. I hope that my daily postings will, in some way, demonstrate that appreciation. You are, simply put, the best.

Love to all, rus

3 thoughts on “back to the daily grind

  1. I am SOOO glad to see you back online! I’ve missed you and your inspiration.
    I read an article in the paper just last week about how healthy everyone would be if we all walked 10,000 steps a day! Congrats on getting from 2,000-10,000… that’s a huge change in lifestyle.


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