Like I Needed Another Reason to Be a Vegan

Saw this on CNN today. 143 MILLION pounds of beef recalled because of blatant abuse of cattle and the increased risk of contamination. Not only were the cattle slaughtered, but now their deaths have been in vain because their meat will not be consumed.

143 Million Pounds! That’s 2 burgers for every man, woman, and child in this country! (sans me, thank you very much).

You can read the article HERE.

Hey, I’m not being preachy about this or anything, but this is wrong. Plain and simple wrong.

Yummm….I can smell the asparagus and tofu marinating as I write this… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Like I Needed Another Reason to Be a Vegan

  1. I had seen that article and agree that it is a terrible waste, and a terrible situation. I’m still a meat-eater, but with a son who’s nearly a vegetarian, I’ve learned to branch out into more vegeterian and even vegan meals when he’s home to visit.


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