bye bye cnn

Photobucket Bye bye, cnn. You suck my energy too much.

You too, news feeds. get the hell out of here. I am too selfish with my energy these days. I’m liking the groove I’m in a little too much.

Another very productive writing/painting day for me today, despite not getting to bed until 1:46 a.m. I’m noticing that my biorhythms are changing their flow (does anybody even do biorhythms anymore? Isn’t that so…so…so 80s???), and I’m more awake in the evenings now than when I’m teaching. I’m also getting tons of rest during the day. I’ve never, never had such a relaxing string of days in my life. There’s no desperation, no stress, just writing, painting, and familying.

But then I hopped online and, before I logged out, I had to do my usual cnn/wbal/baltimoresun news check. it was all filled with crazy news about politicians being caught in their corruptions (oh, there’s breaking news), tragedies in every county, in every state, depressing economic news, blah blah blah…I could feel the energy being sucked out of me.

So I stopped. Cold Turkey.

My sister who lives in Florida (whom I cannot wait to see in just 24 days) only goes on She’s been through so many life-threatening cancers and scares that she doesn’t waste her time on bad news. I think she’s on to something.

If there’s an emergency, some dj will break into Styx playing Grand Illusion or whatever is on my classic rock stations. Until then, I’m honing that energy, baby. Funneling it into me, my art, my life.

(picture taken at LRR, 6/19/08)

4 thoughts on “bye bye cnn

  1. I am so with you on this. I don’t watch it at all anymore. During the primaries, I did watch a couple of debates, but that’s about it. Jagman always has it on in the background, which is really beginning to annoy me. I have headphones on when I’m working in my loft so I don’t have to listen to the ‘arguing’ on FoxNews downstairs.
    In fact, I’m trying not to watch ANY tv. I missed the Inspector Lewis Mystery on Sunday night because I was too busy working on my own stuff. I also missed the HBO documentary on Douglass High School, which I wanted to watch. Even for the things I WANT to watch, when the time comes to turn the tv on, I am finding that I’m not ready to stop writing or reading interesting blog sites about writing or painting or spiritualism.


  2. Sometimes I feel a bit out of it and wonder if people interpret it as ignorance but I really never watch the news anymore and hardly ever watch TV at all except for a few shows (LOST, 24) and an occassional DVD. I stopped rather gradually after I met my husband who has the baseball game (RED SOX) on constantly. I think I got tired of battling for TV time and turned to books, writing and blogs instead! I can say now that I am happier because of it!


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