my99 Challenge Winner!

Direct from Judge Carla, editor of Maryland Voices:

….the sister.
….the cousin.
…the daughter.
…the director.
…the hero.
…the student.
…the non-believer.
…the friend.
…the southern girl.
…the viewer.
…the listener. (what an appropriate way to end the list)

…the girl who knew she had this contest in the bag.
Catherine B., congratulations! I thought that I would have to pore over the submissions all weekend, but after reading all of them, yours immediately stood out to me. The subtle comment about your outdated iPod mini didn’t go unnoticed, either. 😛
Organizing your 99 songs by different aspects of yourself was a great way to personalize your list and make it a story in song of the WHOLE you. Your personality truly shone through, and your witty, insightful annotations were a pleasure to read. 
Thanks also to others who submitted their99 playlists. We’ve all got some serious downloading to do on iTunes!! ~~Carla

Congratulations, Catherine B! I will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours to ship you your gently used iPod!

And thanks to everyone for playing along. I think that, each Independence Day, I will make a meme of some my99 variation to make us take stock of our lives through music, books, art….we shall just have to wait and see!

Love to all,


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