Getting Ready for my3*6*5

I have devised a new challenge for myself that I’ll be rolling out here on my blog, called my3*6*5…

I know there are variations of this out there, including Project 365, which I believe in so very strongly…But I had to create something that suited my needs and still provided a solid challenge that will keep me motivated to keep my two loves, writing and photography, a high priority in my life.

I will also be rolling out a variation of this with my advanced composition students that I will be teaching next year. Our goal is to get them started as early as June 1, which will coincide nicely with their graduation in about a year. More on their variation soon.

Here’s what I’m doing. Tell me what you think.

Every week, I need to complete a minimum of my3*6*5, which includes the following:

  • 3–contacts to unique people previously not contacted during the my3*6*5 challenge
  • 6–photos that capture my life
  • 5–journal entries that chronicle my story.

By the end of these 365 days, I will have completed the following:

  • 156–number of unique contacts
  • 312–unique photos capturing my life on a daily basis
  • 260–unique journal entries

This may sound a bit idealistic, which is why I made this a weekly thing and not a daily trip….I figure that, when the photos are laggin’, the pen will be mightier, and vice versa.

I will record everything here, beginning June 1.

So….what do all of you think? Care to join me?

One thought on “Getting Ready for my3*6*5

  1. So this is why i haven’t heard from you.. you’ve been crazily busy it seems with all this 365 business! I like it though, seems interesting, keep up the good work!


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