Working out the logistics for my3*6*5

I did a dry run today of the photo aspect of my3*6*5, and I’m realizing already that the logistics for uploading the photos are extremely simple. I did not think this, though, as I pondered actually doing it.

Really….not a big deal at all. I was dreading all of the little steps that seemed like it would be just too much trouble. However, the whole process, from download (off the camera) to upload (to the blog) took less than 5 minutes. So: Scratch that from my list of reasons that I won’t be able to do this. 🙂

I met with COB, the other teacher who is doing the my3*6*5 with me for the advanced comp course next year, and we’re both really excited about it. Doing the dry run now will, I hope work out all of the bumps in the road so that when we roll it out to the younger writers, they experience a smooth transition in embedding this into their daily routine.

Below is a picture of COB’s classroom–at least a wall in that room. He’s got student work everywhere, literally, dripping from the walls, the ceiling, everywhere. Makes me wonder where either of us will have the space to include everything the advcompers will be producing!

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