Sunday, May 24, 2009 (9/365)

Updated 9:47 p.m.

Ok. I have no pictures today, and I am really beating myself up over this one. So I’m going to have to be a little more descriptive in bringing this wonderful day to life on virtual paper. 🙂

The morning began with a wonderfully intense writing session on my novel, Cold Rock, and then heavy editing with a book cover design for a book I’m publishing for a fellow writer. It’s hard to have anything but a great day when my morning begins so wonderfully. 🙂

Then, after breakfast, we all headed to Central Presbyterian Church, located in south Towson. Two of my high school friends, Rob and Dave, attend, and Dave and his wife thought that it would be nice for our family to attend as well.

Central is just like the church (Chesapeake Presbyterian) I belonged to when I lived in Calvert County, nearly 20 years ago. There was live music, a stage, Sermon-in-the-Round…..All of the things that I loved so much about Chesapeake. I felt so….at home this morning, and I know that my younger daughter, Madelyn, felt the same way. Even Amy, born and raised a Catholic, thoroughly enjoyed the service and found the musicians to be nothing short of amazing (as we all did).

My picture today should have been of Rob, Dave, and me together at Central. I was taken aback by the great memories and wonderful experience  that I forgot to snap the picture. I’m sure we’ll return next Sunday, and I’m also sure that I’ll be a little less overwhelmed in the memories and have my head a little more focused on getting that picture. 🙂

Then it was off to the pool, where I got a touch of sun as I started reading Stephen King’s IT. Two hours passed by, and I headed out to the gym for what turned out to be the greatest workout I’ve had in about 10 years.

I have so much weight to lose, and although I’ve lost only 7 pounds so far, i feel like I’ve dropped 30. Working out on the Elliptical Trainer is such a challenge, and every day I can feel my body getting in a little better shape, allowing me to go farther and burn more calories. Love the elliptical!

After my cardio, I decided to check out the circuit weight room. When I was going to Padonia about 15 years ago, the machines were simpler, there were fewer of them, and I had little problem mastering most of them. Today, though, I found myself overwhelmed (once again!) by the amount of chrome and complex mechanisms that filled the room. I didn’t know where to start. Connor, the Brick associate who signed us up with our membership, was just finishing his workout, and he said that he’d help me work on my biceps/triceps.

He didn’t want to mess with the circuit machines, though. He took me down to the free weights room and proceeded to kick my butt. It was the most significant workout I have had in nearly a decade. Amazing! I know that I will be in intense pain this time tomorrow, but it was all worth it. I’m addicted now to exercising, and it’s cut my food intake down by at least 50% if not more.

Then home, and an incredible meal of marinated flank and veggies, all prepared on the grill. Just a great, great day.

Cookout tomorrow in PA with my niece and her family…..Will be beyond wonderful. We always talk about getting together, and now we really are. Cool Cool Cool….

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