Sunday, May 31, 2009 (16/365)

My night ended on Saturday looking up at the stars and the half-moon, thankful for a clear night (finally) where there was no threat of rain to be found. I was still in the Jeep, the top still down, and in my driveway. In about 8 hours, I would be heading to the gym for an early-morning workout.

It seemed safe to leave the top down. It was only 8 hours, after all. How quickly could an unpredictable rain storm move in? The forecast called for light rain south of Baltimore and in D.C., well enough away to make me feel secure in letting the Jeep enjoy a little midnight moon magic. My greatest fear was the temperature in the morning. Would I be able to make the drive in the Jeep in just 55-degree temps? Of course I will, I concluded. Builds character.

This morning, my character was built not by the cold temperatures, but by the sound of driving rain against my bedroom window. It was not yet 6, and we were in the midst of a downpour.

I threw on some clothes and headed outside. The Jeep, of course, was glistening, inside and out, from the rain. The street lamp cast a rare shine on the head rests, where water dripped quickly into the already-saturated bucket seats.

It is hard enough to put the top up alone; it was darn near impossible to do, slipping on the water-soaked plastic floormats and trying to lift an already-too-heavy top over my head.

I succeeded though, and within a few hours, the storm passed, the sun made a strong morning presence, and I removed the top once again to let the interior dry out. By mid-day, it was as if nothing had ever happened. An intense sun pulled the moisture from the seats, and when we headed to Full Moon Farm for Madelyn’s riding lesson, the only hint of the rain hit us when making sharp left turns. Apparently, the upper tracks and rails for the soft top still harbored a good amount of rainwater, which found its way on us on the left onto Old Gamber Road. . .

Not complaining, of course. A great day to be outside. Got these shots of the farm with my Blackberry when Braeden and I took a little nature walk, seeking out mushrooms and earthworms:

After Full Moon (Madelyn rode Dakota and had just a great lesson….posting is becoming a natural thing for her now–so effortless it seems!), we stopped at Dover Saddlery for a riding crop for M, and then at Ritz Camera for a filter and tripod for Bellatrix. After a final stop at Giorgios for some half-price pizza, we met Holland at the pool and stayed there until a little before 8, when they were closing for the night.

Really beginning to notice the effects of eating better and adding exercise into my routine. I know that I am not getting to the gym as often as I would like, but I expect that to pick up as we get closer to summer vacation.

How was your weekend?

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