Morning at Loch Raven

Just a few pictures that I took this morning at Loch Raven by the Warren Road bridge. I remember fishing here with my father back in the late seventies; since then, the place has been known more for its drug deals and incidental murders than anything else. Very sad.

Faith in a seed, right? Thoreau got it right a long time ago…This little plant was growing out of an old log that had been chopped down years ago.

This last picture was taken yesterday while we were fishing at Ft. Howard on the upper Chesapeake Bay. Good to see these ships are still sailing…

One thought on “Morning at Loch Raven

  1. Oh VW you never fail to make me smile with your artistic ability and your amazing way of rambling on about things that would never cross the mind of a person with a lesser imagination.

    i love the picture looking straight through the bridge…gorgeous!!!!!


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