Hiking to Patapsco Valley State Park

Yesterday, the entire family joined Cara and her son for a walk to Patapsco Valley State Park. I was terribly unprepared for the walk, and I didn’t do much to prepare the others in my family as well. My mind, as much as my body, is still so out of shape when it comes to excursions off the beaten path.

It did not diminish our enjoyment in any way, though. It just made it….more interesting to navigate the trails with Crocks and flip-flops (not to mention lugging a 15-pound camera bag the entire time).

I cannot imagine hiking the trail three months ago when I was 20 pounds heavier. All I can do is think to the future about how enjoyable the hike will be in August, when I’ve dropped another 10 pounds (and I am more prepared!).

I was able to take some pictures, though. Enjoy. 🙂

winding path

twisted wood

train tracks



flower close2

flower close3

flower close1

4 thoughts on “Hiking to Patapsco Valley State Park

  1. Awesome!!Where was that yellow flower thing??? I didn’t even see that!!I love all these shots, but especially the yellow flowers and the strawberry plant and the spider web. Can’t wait to do this again. I’ll post one of mine for tomorrow…


  2. Thanks, Clare!
    Cara: The yellow flower was at the edge of the trail that led down to the water, on the other side of the railroad tracks.
    So frustrated, though, that I couldn’t extend my depth of field (easily). I should have pushed the ISO to 1600 and then switched over to Aperture priority to go as high as I could with a relatively fast shutter speed. Still, would have been NO problem at all with a tripod. Maybe I’ll have it before we head out in August…


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